Day 188 – Hannah Day

Only a quick one hour visit with Ellie this afternoon, she opened her eyes to say hello and then continued sleeping. I did, however, get there in time for the afternoon doctors handover. There is still a lot of discussion about what surgeries Ellie will get when it happens. They are currently waiting on the results of Ellie’s impedence test (reflux test). Everyone feels this will confirm that she needs the fundoplication and PEG line (and her hernia’s still need to be fixed).

One new thing that the doctors have been talking about a lot recently, is that they are quite certain Ellie will require a tracheotomy (a breathing tube that comes out of her throat). This will allow the doctors to better ventilate her and will enable Ellie to progress in her development without breathing support on her face. They said they often see babies growth improve when this is done. Obviously it is a big step and Matt and I do have our worries, but at this stage we have been warned that Ellie could easily be looking at another 12 months in hospital. We are hopeful the trachy will reduce this time and allow her to keep a bit closer to her sisters development and growth.

For those who may be struggling to keep up with Ellie’s growing list of upcoming challenges, here are some links: (although I very much disagree with googling, I avoid it at all costs when it comes to Ellie – simply because the information isn’t always appropriate to Ellie as an individual) The following are mostly hospital supplied fact sheets, please do not feel you have to read them – I am happy to answer questions you may have:

Anyway, the reason my visit with Ellie was short was because Hannah had a pediatrician appointment this afternoon. Despite her current cold and cough, Hannah is doing extremely well. She now weighs 6kgs and is in the 75th percentile (for a 14 week old) –  (Ellie is currently 3.71kgs and just under the 3rd percentile), Hannah’s height is in the 50% percentile and I am told she is an exceptional ex-26 weeker. I was also told Hannah is allowed to start solids, once she is 4 months old corrected about 3 weeks time, assuming she is interested.

Go Hannah!!

*Deb (and Matt)


3 thoughts on “Day 188 – Hannah Day

  1. Congrats to Hannah for earning the adjective “exceptional” – bring on the apple puree! Hope her cold goes away soon.
    Ellie has such a big list of challenges ahead of her, but the very fact that she is here and has been such a fighter all these months surely shows she is up to the task. You all deserve a medal for the strength and courage you’ve shown so far – keep on keeping on x

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  2. Great Job Hannah! You go baby!!
    Although we have left our little corner at RHW we still think bout you and the girls everyday (so upset we didn’t get to say good bye!) I’m wishing and praying that Ellie would turn a corner soon and that her time in hospital won’t be as long as the doctors have predicted!
    Deb, you, Matt and the girls have been my strength and inspiration. It’s a lot to deal with but you all have been doing an amazing job! I believe that God wouldn’t give anyone an obstacle or a challenge he doesn’t think they can overcome. So hang in there you all can do this!!!
    With lots of love Jen & Madeline!

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