Day 189

Sorry it’s a little late, almost forgot to do it!

I got to spend about 2 1/2 hours with Ellie this morning. We had hugs and chatted and I caught her up on everything that is happening in the family.

Hannah is a little under the weather today, she is a little off her milk and had a biggish vomit this morning. She sleep for a while this morning while I was at the hospital. Aunty Helen came to visit the girls and helped out with Hannah (it’s a little tricky because technically Hannah shouldn’t visit with a cold and I have to wash my hands everytime I touch Hannah, before I touch Ellie). Hannah, Helen and I then went on a rare outing outside to eat lunch. When we went back upstairs to see Ellie, Hannah decided that was a good time to do another decent vomit and poo. At that point I decided to take her back to Kensington and let her have a rest. After some panadol, bonjela and a little milk she slept for a straight 2 hours and seemed to improve a little.

Ellie is doing the same, tired, a little pale and working a little hard at her breathing. This is all associated with her low blood count. Unfortunately she threw up her iron yesterday but hopefully she will start making some more of her own blood soon. Her weight has stayed the same today, 3.71kgs.

Tomorrow she will be getting an ultrasound to determine whether or not she will be able to get a spinal block to get her hernias repaired.



Sick and still smiling, best baby ever.

4 thoughts on “Day 189

  1. One of the cutest photos yet – if that’s a photo of a sick baby then, simply, wow! With both of you at the same angle, the mother/daughter resemblance is amazing!!
    Hope both girls are feeling better tomorrow – Hannah, stop making vomit and Ellie, start making blood – OK, that instruction was just a little on the weird side… xo

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