Day 190

Ellie had an ultrasound today to assess her for a spinal block. The anaethetist said she is a good candidate. She has been tentatively booked in to get her hernia’s repaired next Wednesday and assuming all goes well she will also move to the Children’s Hospital (50m down the corridor that same day).

The impedance study came back and at this stage they are recommending a second reflux medication and no surgery. Ellie will be further assessed for a fundoplication and trachy in the CICU after her hernia’s are repaired.

Hannah is feeling a little better today, but still not herself. I think a day at home tomorrow will be very good for her.

Ellie has been very tired in the morning partly due to her working a bit harder with her breathing at the moment (they slightly increased her CPAP today), partly due to her low blood count and partly because for the last two nights she has been very happily awake for 2-3 hours in the middle of the night! She woke up about 45 minutes before I had to leave today and we had a chat and enjoyed some ‘hat off’ time together.

*Deb (oops wrote this about 5 hours ago – just needed to add the photos, not sure why I got distracted…)


So do I look like Hannah or does Hannah look like me???


Thanks for helping me breath again Mum


9 thoughts on “Day 190

  1. As to whether Hannah looks like Ellie or vice versa plus the fact that you and Matt have often referred to Hannah as Ellie’s big sister – I have wanted (for six months) to ask which of them was delivered first, hence technically the older twin. Whoever is the elder gets bragging rights for the title of “big sister” AND gets to say the other looks like them – there’s my 2 cents worth, for what it’s worth (about 2 cents, methinks).
    Good news about a date for the hernia repair and very good news about being a candidate for a spinal block. Also great to hear “second reflux medication and no surgery”.
    The expression “moving forward” is rather overused these days, but I’m pleased to see things are moving forward!
    Hannah, little Miss Smiley Face, hope you feel a bunch better real soon x

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