Day 192

Ellie was very awake and alert today for her Daddy visit. After 20 minutes of undivided attention Ellie persisted to turn her head and try her best to get the attention of anyone who walked past. She absolutely loves attention and I am sure she gets alot as she is the oldest and most responsive babies in the unit (a novelty for the premmie nurses).

It struck me today how much Ellie will miss all her friends when she moves to the childrens hospital. It is without doubt that she knows many of the nurses better than her own Daddy who only makes 1 or 2 short visits a week.

We are hopeful the Childrens hospital can offer her some benefits that are age appropriate for our 6 month old bubba.



3 thoughts on “Day 192

  1. She may only see you a couple of times a week, Matt, but with her soft little forearm draped gently over her Daddy’s – she’s “owning” you, my friend.
    She will no doubt miss the NICU nurses when she moves to the Children’s, but I’m guessing the staff that work in that place are equally special and yes, there will be a whole lot more happening to entertain Miss Curious (she probably constantly wonders why those teeny babies do nothing but lie around all day – how boring of them!) x

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