Day 194

I stole Matt’s Monday, because I felt a bit off yesterday (a day of rest and I’m fine again) and he went in – plus school holidays means our routine is all over the place.

After not seeing Ellie for two days, she actually looked different. She wasn’t straining as much, her tummy was not as big and stretched and her oxygen requirement had come down, she was actually in air for some time overnight. I’m thinking most of this has to do with her new reflux medication, it quickens the digestive movement and one side effect is loose stools. However when you have two hernias and an intestine full of air from your CPAP those side effects are bliss. She even managed some very cheeky proper baby smiles today which were very sweet – one day I will be quick enough to capture a picture.

The big meeting planned for today was postponed til tomorrow. The gastro team have share what surgery they recommend and their plan for Ellie, the respiratory team have also had their say already. Tomorrow meeting will be (I’m assuming) quite a lively conversation between the surgeon, the neonatologists (NICU drs) and the intensivists (CICU drs) – wow spell check is hating all these words at the moment. One thing that is 90% sure, if Ellie only has her hernia’s fixed she will come back to the NICU for recovery where she is known before moving onto the CICU.

So if you are so enclined prayers at 11am for Ellie’s meeting tomorrow would be appreciated. And I will be sure to leave you all in suspense on the outcome….. (I will try to remember to blog early).


Which one tastes better?? Better try both to see.

Play School show with my boys this afternoon.

Just an optical illusion, I wish she could hold her own bottle.



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