Day 195

Yep, so I forgot. I have been very busy watching tv, eating dinner and feeding Hannah, oops.

Anyway so the meeting today involved 3 neonatoligist consultants and 1 fellow, 1 intensivist, 1 gastro consultant, 1 anaethetist consultant, 1 general surgical consultant and 1 ENT consultant, plus a nurse and social worker. I wasn’t there for the discussion but heard there was a lot of talk about what was best for Ellie, when things should be done and what should be done. I came in after they had come to their conclusion. The conclusion was that Ellie’s hernia operation be postponed to a time when she would be able to get her hernia fix and a trachy inserted at the same time. They are now just waiting for our OK to go ahead with this and for all the best people for the job to be back from their school holiday breaks.

I told the doctors we would confirm either way on Thursday after Matt and I have chatted and had another talk with the trachy specialist nurse. Another consideration is that Ellie will go down hill and struggle through the recovery after a general anaesthetic and the insertion of a trachy.

On the other hand Ellie is looking amazing at the moment. She didn’t sleep a lot today but we wore her own with some time on the floor with Hannah and some of her doctor friends. Her brothers will be coming in to play tomorrow as well.


The girls didn’t make it easy to take a good photo today during play time.


2 thoughts on “Day 195

  1. I’m sure by now you’re considered expert and seasoned NICU parents so I’m sure you can make the best decision for Ellie. I’m praying in advance that you don’t have to make any difficult decisions following surgery.


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