Day 197

Family day 2nd day in a row.

Ellie is looking really good at the moment. The consultant this week is tweaking her vitamins and changing her feeds so that she stops putting on ‘preemie’ weight and just starts going. The thought is the extra fluid she is getting and the fat she is developing could hinder her breathing. She is better off if she just grows and puts on weight in relation to her height. Her CPAP was reduce a few days a go and she coped really well. They are going to reduce it again tomorrow and see how she goes.

I’ve been saying it for a few days now but Ellie looks great at the moment, I’d say she is probably the healthiest she has ever been too, aside from not being able to breath.

There is also talk of Ellie moving to the Children’s hospital as early as Monday.



3 thoughts on “Day 197

  1. Love seeing the NICU turned into a Playschool set- we just need Matt in a hat made of toilet roll innards with crepe paper streamers – Ellie must so love the company of her nearest and dearest. Good to hear she is looking good – give them heaps tomorrow, baby girl, and rise to the challenge of the CPAP reduction! Challenges are your forte, aren’t they?
    My first impression of the 2nd photo is that Hannah looks like she is eyeing off her sister with a sideways look, saying “Hey, that’s MY Dad – why is he playing goo-goo eyes with you?”


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