Day 198

Getting closer to that 200 day mark…..

Today Nan and Papa visited with Ellie so that boys and I could have a ‘rest’ and some time together, it has been a big week. And a very long 198 days.

Ellie is still looking great! She gained just over 50 grams since Wednesday. They have changed her feeds to better suit a 3 month old, that means reducing the volume but making the formula more concentrated and still adding some fats so that is a higher calorie count than regular 3 month olds would have. The reduced volume will help with fluid retention and hopefully her reflux, it will also give her the opportunity to just grow rather than grow and put on excess fat – poor chubba chops. The excess fat can possibly have a negative impact on her breathing, like for anyone who is above their healthy weight range.

They are thinking of reducing her CPAP again tomorrow just to see how she handles it considering how well she is looking at the moment. Her only real problem (outside of not being able to breathe on her own) is that she is lacking Vitamin D – considering she has never been outside this is not surprising so she is getting additional vitamins at the moment.

She has been very generous with her smiles over the last few days, however they seem to be mainly directed at the cute baby in the mirror that sits in her bed. She seems quite well in herself and that is great to see. Nan actually commented how much she has changed over the last 3 weeks since they have seen her.

Mummy and Hannah will be going in tomorrow as Daddy in on a work conference – then he is taking annual leave for the first time this year, woohoo!!



Yay a home day.


Nan, look how big I got!


Ummmm, I’m pretty sure you’re not my Dad……


2 thoughts on “Day 198

  1. It’s good to see Ellie looking so good, glad you had a nice rest today, as much as a you can have with 3 gorgeous youngins around. Keep getting better warrior princess, hopefully you will be home soon xoxo


  2. You’re right Ellie, it wasn’t – Daddy is definitely hairier than Papa (sorry, Phill!)
    Hope you enjoyed your day at home with 3/4 of your brood – lovely that it was Grandparents’ Day.
    Wonder if E is having some kind of private joke with that baby in the mirror (that’s some crazy kind of hat you’re wearing kiddo) or maybe she just recognises cuteness when she sees it?

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