Day 199

At this stage it looks like Ellie will finally be moving to the Children’s hospital on Tuesday (unless an emergency fills her bed). Medically we are all very ready – however it is starting to dawn on me how much Ellie, Hannah and myself will miss all our beautiful hospital friends who have shared this journey with us so far. We have been told we have to come back and visit, hopefully they will be able to help me corral two running toddlers in a couple of years.

The other good news to come out of today is that they have a few ideas for Ellie’s ‘last chance’. They have decided to give her a few weeks and see if they can slowly ween her breathing support to something other than CPAP, this is because she is doing so well at the moment. If this fails however she will have to go straight to surgery for a trachy.

I have been carrying an outfit of Hannah’s around for about 3 weeks now waiting for the perfect opportunity. Today was that opportunity…..


The girls have been sharing secrets today. Hannah was a little shocked by one that Ellie told her.


3 thoughts on “Day 199

  1. Firstly, they have got to be just about THE most adorable photos of your twin treasures so far – wow, what a pair of little stunners!!
    Sad for you to be leaving so many friends behind at the NICU – am hoping you don’t get to form anything like those attachments at the Children’s – that Ellie’s stay there will be a short one…
    That’s brilliant news about the tracheostomy being postponed – here’s your chance, Ellie, to pull another surprise out for the medicos – Lord knows you’ve sprung some beauts on them thus far! I’ve used the term “feisty” to describe you so many times now – so get those boxing gloves on and go for it! xo

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  2. WOW, what beautiful photos, they look like twins now, in the same outfits, let’s hope Ellie’s breathing copes with the reduction and the tracky is not necessary, as always my prayers and good wishes are with you all xoxo


  3. Wonder what the secret was? they look adorable in those outfits…Prayers, hugs and thoughts are with you all as Ellie makes her big move…Looking good and cheeky as always Hannah. xx


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