Day 200

Congratulations Hannah and Ellie for making 200 days, something that we were told would be impossible a few times along our journey.

It was a fairly normal visit with a good amount of up time and chats, as well as some sleepy hugs. Ellie is really starting to grow up and interact. She is still breathing well but her pressure did need to go back up to 7 as she was getting a little tired. Tomorrow is her last full day in Royal Womans Hospital and I can’t begin to think of all the people who have been instrumental in Ellie’s journey. We are going to miss the security of all the familiar faces who have become so much more than nurses and doctors. I can only imagine how much more they all mean to Ellie.

This week was particularly difficult. My last week of work before break and I decided to make it more interesting by crashing the car on the way to the hospital on Wed. (One too many tired trips). We are all fine but I wanted to mention it to give praise to Deb who has been so strong, supportive and amazing considering the extra challenges. Everything has actually worked out really well, praise God, but Deb was amazing, especially when it seemed like it was going to be much worse than it was.

Thank you to the marathon supporters who are still just as supportive as they were at day 1. The novelty of our story has well and truly worn off and we hope Ellie and our family can go on to do something worthy of the support we have received.20161002_113929




7 thoughts on “Day 200

  1. Congratulations to ALL of you for doing such a sterling job over the last 200 days. The novelty of your story may have worn off for you guys (quite sure you are well and truly over it and just wanting to be anonymously, boringly “normal”). For your cheer squad watching on, you have to try and understand how touched and inspired we all are by what can only be described as a series of miracles. It is not a case of needing to do something worthy of the support you have received – you deserve every bit of it and it has all been given with much love. We all think you (plural) are champions!!
    I’m sorry to hear about the accident, but glad you are all OK. Hope the last day at RWH is not too emotional for you – pretty sure they’ll miss you lot more than you’ll miss them. xo


  2. Ditto to what Julia said, beautiful picture of Ellie, bright eyed and looking very alert, I’m sure you will get very special attention at the children’s hospital xoxo happy 200 days everyone


  3. Ditto to everything Aunty Jules just said. How stressful about the car! I’m glad you’re all OK but I hope you’re not without a car?
    200 days is such a long time, especially when there’s no prescribed timeline of when it will end. We wish this wasn’t happening to you all, but we are also inspired by your strength!


  4. Congratulations to you all making 200 days and ditto to Aunty Julia’s and Danielle’s comments as they are better with words than me! Love to you all xxxxxx


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