Day 201

Today was Ellie’s last full day in the NICU. If all goes to plan tomorrow, the next blog will be about how she settled into the Children’s hospital intensive care unit. We had a bath to make sure she was nice a clean for her big move and other than that had a very normal day of chats and hugs.

Tomorrow Ellie will pass on the heavy weight belt (current longest staying baby) and will become the new face at the CICU. I had stern words with her today that she was not to set any similar records at the new place, but she is allowed to make as many good friends as she has here.

To all the staff at the Royal Hospital for Women, your care for us has gone far beyond what is just necessary and kind. The mark you have left on our lives is permanent, long lasting and positive. I know it will inspire me to endeavor to be the same for others. I know whatever Ellie grows up to achieve in this life will largely be credited to the fact that you allowed her to continue living at all. Thank you so much, you have so often been the face and hands of God’s blessings in our lives this year.

Ellie still has such a long way to go, but when we consider how far she has come we know wherever we go from here we will continue to be amazed by our little princess warrior.

Just before I left I read her aptly named favourite book by Dr Seuss – ‘Oh the places you’ll go.’


ellie day 201.jpg

5 thoughts on “Day 201

  1. It seems a little like Ellie is graduating from school and is off to face the big wide world (even though I know she is only moving “next door”) – it is a huge achievement by her, your whole family and the amazing staff at RWH for her to make it this far. Might let Dr Seuss have the last word (Ellie has great taste in books!)
    “Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away” x


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