Day 202

What a day!

After a lot of waiting around we left the NICU at around 1230pm and shuffled through the corridors to the childrens hospital in her special bed (donated by Roger Federer!)


A few things became obvious shortly after arriving.

  1. The nurses and staff are just as amazing. Twin babies are a novelty at the childrens hospital and the girls were very happy to have a lot of attention today
  2. The CICU has so many benefits for Ellie. We were visited by childrens entertainers who have a personal concert for Ellie and made her balloon flowers. She was also visited by a dietician and a play therapist. I also found out there are regular music therapists and develepmental teams.
  3. The boys are going to love Ellie’s new home. There are several play locations nearby as well as the starlight foundation room  (which is staffed with people to help them play and keep them entertained).

They also have some new ideas and technology to try to help Ellie’s breathing which is great. For now the Trachy is on a short hold while they try a few ideas.



7 thoughts on “Day 202

  1. WOW, sounds like an amazing day, being a tennis player all my life and roger being my fave, Ellie’s bed looks very special, 🎾🎾. Great to hear that you are very happy with the staff, I know it was one of your concerns. I was also thinking that you may have access to Ronald McDonald house, may save a bit of travelling at least on weekends. Here’s hoping all goes well for Ellie at the children’s hospital xoxo


  2. That is so beautiful and I love the Roger bed! Change can be so scary, but it sounds like the unknown has become a bit more known today so that’s good 🙂 and yay the trachy is on hold too. Come on Ellie, reach into the bag of miracles you seem to have and show us what’s next 🙂


  3. A Fed Bed – impressive! So you’re thinking that Captain and Ms Starlight might be more entertaining than waiting for that baby in the mirror with the funny headgear to do something amusing?
    Some new ideas to progress E’s breathing sounds wonderful.
    Maybe relax tonight with the big move done and get some rest – must have been an exhausting day.
    Sleep tight Ellie Grace and “Goodnight John boy” to the rest of the Humphreys Clan xo


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