Day 203

Wow, it was a big day for all of us today. The boys and I left the house at 730am to pick up our new car at Camden and from there went to Casula for a car seat for Levi and a bouncer for Ellie. We then trekked to the hospital so I could visit Ellie and the boys could visit the fairy garden and starlight room (they have possibly forgotten we go to the hospital to visit Ellie). Matt and Hannah had spent the night together at Kensington and were already at the hospital and had squeezed in hugs before we arrived.

It has been a massive 24hrs for Ellie. She moved, she has gotten her formula and milk volume adjusted twice, she had a hip ultrasound (precaution because supposedly that little swimming baby was breech for the limited amount of time she was in me), she is also trialling a new type of breathing support called resmed. After all of that it was about 4pm and she finally fell asleep. The doctors were hoping to do a blood test as well, however her nurse said no one was allowed to go near her or wake her up.

She will be trialling the resmed for a few days unless she get too tired before then. I am told things will start to die down soon, the crazy schedule has just been because she is new. She also had visits from the physio, dietician (again), the sleep team (they monitor kids on resmed) and then the morning rounds that a variety of doctors and allied health professionals are a part of.

Needless to say we are all ready for a good night sleep.


Some pictures from yesterday.


First smiles for Daddy, still no smiles for Mummy’s camera though


Getting ready for the move yesterday


Hannah and Daddy settling me into the CICU


(sorry photos out of order) Ellie’s entourage on her move, imagine a pram, a sister and her parents also following.

Photos from today’s visit


One thought on “Day 203

  1. In all the recounting of a hectic 24 hours, the bit I absolutely loved was the idea of Ellie’s nurse putting her foot down and saying “let sleeping babies lie” – many health professionals (all wonderful, I’m sure) danced attendance upon her, but the one who protectively said ‘leave her be, she needs her rest’ tells me she is in very good hands.
    Hope you all get a good sleep xo


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