Day 204

It was a bit of a hard day. Ellie hasn’t had a proper sleep since the move. There have been a lot of changes and a lot going on. She is over tired and very unsettled and grumpy. I’m hoping she gets a few days of nothing, however her feeding tube is leaking where they put her medications in so she may need a new one.

Here is hoping she gets enough rest to recover and remain stable on the resmed. I have a feeling she will be back on bubbles soon and have to give it another go later.

Like any kid it takes time to settle into a new home.


Sorry forgot to take photos today.

One thought on “Day 204

  1. Poor little mite – you’re no doubt right about settling into a new home. We all know how hard it is when a baby becomes overtired (or an adult for that matter!). Hope she gets a good sleep to catch up very soon. Take care xo


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