Day 205

It was nice to see Ellie looking a bit better this morning. She still isn’t quite herself but I did get one small half smile out of her today. She slept better last night and had a few good naps today. They have taped up her feeding tube and are hoping it lasts a couple more days so that she can just rest for a few days. There have been so many changes to her surroundings and treatments they want to give her a few days rest.

The reality of the differences between the NICU and CICU are becoming more and more apparent. It is also becoming very obvious it is going to take some time for Matt and I to adjust to them. Not being involved in doctors rounds is probably the biggest adjustment, I feel quite distanced from her medical treatment at the moment. We just have to adjust to the routines in the CICU and adapt our interactions to get the information we are use to having access too.

We hope you all have a beautiful spring weekend.



Resting in her new chair, with her new resmed on and in a new (to her) onies – the smaller twin always gets the hand me downs.


2 thoughts on “Day 205

  1. Not sure whether Ellie is just exhausted, but she looks a lot more comfortable with the new breathing support. CICU is a big change for everyone in the family. It can be hard (and exhausting) to be present during Doctor’s rounds, but, I’m sure they are still making good decisions regarding Ellie’s treatment.


  2. Ellie could have no better advocates than her Mum and Dad – am sure you’ll play “squeaky wheel” (you know, the one that demands attention by constantly making a noise) and ask all the questions that need asking of the medicos – it must be difficult for all of you to have left that which is familiar for some 6 months so far. I hope the adjustment period is short and sweet.
    The onesie might be a hand me down from her sis, but it looks adorable – she looks like she is well and truly out like a light in the photo – the move and all the happenings must have been exhausting – sleep well, Miss Ellie and gather your strength – you have a whole new hospital ward to impress with your battle skills xo


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