Day 206

A late and photo-less post tonight.

Ellie had quite a tough day today. She spent the first half of my visit thrashing and crying and the second half exhausted and sleepy. Still not sure exactly what was agitating her so much, some of the guesses were band wind, congestion in her nose and a bad fitting on her breathing mask.

It is very quiet in the CICU on weekends (well at least it was today) and I get the impression no big decisions or discussion will happen until Monday when more people are on deck. It hasn’t been a week yet and we are already missing the care and friendship we left at the NICU, but we are also trying to settle in here and get to know the best way to make CICU work for Ellie.



One thought on “Day 206

  1. I remember when we left the nicu experiencing a total mash up of joy (for us leaving was going home) and sadness to farewell our support team. I can only imagine that this is compounded by the task of renegotiating all of those care relationships. The staff at the nicu were entirely invested in positive outcomes for Ellie, and I know they wouldn’t have transferred her to cicu if it weren’t in her best interests. I pray that the transition may become more smooth for you. Trust that you are held in prayer by all those of us who quietly keep vigil awaiting your updates xxx

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