Day 207

Not much happens in the CICU on the weekends, so not too much to report. I did have a couple doctors visit today and chat and another booked in for tomorrow. We are all slowly adapting to each other.

Ellie is the absolute best I have ever seen her, but she is starting to smile and settle in a little.

We will wait and see what tomorrow brings.




Spot the baby. Gone from one of the biggest to one of the smallest babies.


Tummy time


Yay my friend is at my new home too


Mum what have they put on my face now??


Hands taste better than Sophie (giraffe)


Having a better dy today


Cheeky smiles, of course I did the best ones before Mum got the camera out.


3 thoughts on “Day 207

  1. Of all the beautiful photos, my absolute fave is the one of Ellie smiling – pure delight! Hoping all of you have a more comfortable time this week with the new surrounds/routines. As always, thinking of you xo


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