Day 209

Well we didn’t quite get as much fun as Matt and Ellie did yesterday. However we did get a bit done, Ellie got a new feeding tube. Hers are a little bit trickier than usual because they go past her stomach and into her duodenum. Ellie did extremely well but was exhausted afterwards. She also had a bit of wind pain so there was a little bit more dozing and settling and a little less playing today.

She did have her breathing support off while getting her feeding tube and for a little while in the afternoon when we gave her head a wash. We decided she was too tired after getting her feeding tube put in to give high flow a go today or have a bath – we are excited to have a bit more playtime tomorrow.

I did however take about a million photos today.



Someone is sleeping in my bed! (at least I get Mumma hugs)

Ellie had two feeding tubes just so they could ensure the new one was in the right place before removing the old one. They are looking very similar….



Baby gaol



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