Day 210 – 30 weeks old!

Well to start Ellie’s brand new feeding tube kinked inside her last night (very UNcommon), needless to sat she had to have it removed and another put down – I’m told she did extremely well. Her xray tally is wracking up very quickly in the CICU, she was at 63 in the NICU.

Ellie did decide it was a good idea to wake up about 4am and had only been napping since so she was a little tired. The physio also gave her some exercises to do so when she was awake she tried quickly. Mine you the exercises are fun but still tiring for Ellie – things like proper tummy time holding her head up and trying to use her arms to hold her chest up, grabbing and swatting as well as playing with her hands and bringing them to her mouth.

Both girls did give their Mum a little break today and sleep for about an hour at the same time, just a shame Hannah decided to do it in my arms, twin life.


Sleep time.


Playing with my sis and exercise time. Fish are yummy!







Matt #thisoneisforellie or is it #thisonesforellie



5 thoughts on “Day 210 – 30 weeks old!

  1. Poor Hannah – she looks quite sad, wide-eyed, kinda shocked – clutching onto the giraffe “I could have sworn that bright pink, good to chew, perfectly grippy thing was in my hand just a minute ago – what’s with this boring, white, long-necked thing?”
    The photo that captured the moment of theft – Ellie looks like she is having a good chuckle “na na na na na”. Hey kiddo, you might want to rein in the feisty thing when it comes to your sister – Hannah is probably going to be your greatest ally – no more pinching her stuff!

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