Day 211 (a lot of weeks gestation)

Well Ellie once again decided to wake up at 4am and was a grumpy mess this morning. Her gut is making her a little uncomfortable and she only wanted to doze when being held. The decided some panadol might help with some of her gut pains and then because she wasn’t sleeping anyway we decided some playtime on the ground for the girls together might be nice.

Well after a little tummy time and Ellie’s 3rd vomit in 24 hours she decided the floor was the perfect place for a 5 1/2hr nap….. So this tiny mite of a thing required careful watching and barriers to ensure she wasn’t stepped on or picked up and put in the linen basket. After about 4 hours the nurse did move her to her bed and change her clothes hoping to wake her up a little but no she waiting til 5:30pm. Had a bath where I am told she provided her own bubbles, then was asleep again by just before 7. It’s days like this I’m a little bit glad someone is paid to stay up with her.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings. I should add Ellie’s breathing is going quite well at the moment and throughout all her crankyness her oxygen requirement stayed between about 23-24%.



A quick nap in bed before they both decided they they want to say awake.


Little baby, big floor


Sound asleep on the floor


2 thoughts on “Day 211 (a lot of weeks gestation)

  1. Gee, when I said the other day that the nurse who took the attitude of “let sleeping babies lie” impressed me, I wasn’t expecting 5 hour sleeps on the floor – classic! Ellie obviously wanted a change of scenery. Visions of a busy ward with people tip-toeing around her – yep, glad they didn’t sweep her up into the linen trolley.
    Good to hear she made her own bubbles – wind pain plus baby equals unhappy everyone (that’s a renown scientific equation, BTW).
    Brilliant news about her breathing progress!


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