Day 213 – yesterday’s catch up

Sorry about yesterday. So I rand this morning and Ellie has slept for the last 20 hours! She appears fine and has woken up quite happy, I think everything has just caught up with her. She has been awake a bit at night and sleeping during the day and has generally been out of sorts for about a week. I hoping this big sleep resets her back to her usual routine. Which means better visits for Mum who has been watching a baby sleep for the last two days. Daddy day today, I’m sure she will be up and ready to play.

Ellie did have her hearing test yesterday (she is too old for the standard SWISH test). Ellie has permanent hearing loss in both her ears. The audiologist was not overly surprised as Ellie managed to have every risk factor, the ones I remember are: being a preemie, birth weight of under 1.5kgs, jaundice (she had this at birth and more significantly after she was super sick in June), also the use of some antibiotics (the one that is of biggest concern Ellie has been on for 14 days overall – quite a bit) and I think that is it.

Anyway at this stage her left ear is worse than her right, they are hoping this is due to a fluid collection in her ear because of feeding tube, unfortunately the test they do to check this wasn’t working on Ellie yesterday. If both ears are only as bad as her right she will need hearing aides and some early speech intervention.

I’m not really concerned about Ellie having hearing loss. If they had said this could result in some hearing loss everytime someone saved her life we would have still said yes and as the audiologist pointed out they are like glasses just less common. If you have bad eye sight you wear glasses, if you have bad hearing you wear a hearing aide. Plus they come in funky colours for kids. We are hoping Ellie’s are fitted and made within the next 8 weeks. In the meantime if we talk normally close to her she can still hear us and she is still very happy listening to her music.

Matt’s day today.


Sleeping baby photos are boring……


3 thoughts on “Day 213 – yesterday’s catch up

  1. The pink and blue manicure for such a cause was a very good reason not to do the usual post.
    A 20 hour sleep has to break some sort of a record – moving house must have been super exhausting – hope she gives Matt some undivided attention today. Though, I disagree that sleeping baby photos are boring – they all look angelic when they’re sleeping (especially by the time they hit the Terrible Twos!)
    You definitely have the right attitude about Ellie’s hearing loss – any problem that is aidable/fixable is one that can be dealt with. As you so wisely said, all the risk factors she was exposed to are the very things that saved her life so many times. Avagoodweekend xo


  2. Love your attitude (as per usual!). If there is one lucky thing about being a NICU baby is, once you’re entrenched in the hospital system, then you have a wealth of early intervention at your fingertips. It makes ALL the difference! They will be “on to” everything with Ellie long before anything becomes a problem. Love to you all!


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