Day 214

So I think Matt ripped you all off yesterday because he didn’t post last night. He will have to do an extra special on tomorrow to make up for it.

If any of you remember back to June Ellie had a clot in her jugular vein, they tried to treat it for a little while and then left it alone. Will she is in a new home now with new doctors and they are trying to treat it once again. She has just started a 3 month course of clexane twice a day.

Her breathing still looks great, however she is still vomiting a few times everyday and is being a bit grumpy and tired. They are thinking it is her feeds upsetting her tummy be have sent some urine off to rule out a UTI, which can be common for babies in Ellie’s situation.

Otherwise there isn’t too much to report. We got to have a little bit of playtime today, otherwise she just napped.




She was holding her head up really well today, just not for the photo.


For Aunty Julia xx14677919_10154096469771298_1171943445_o14724195_10154096469586298_949043914_o


5 thoughts on “Day 214

  1. Thanks for my pressie – I’m sure everyone agrees that sleeping baby photos are NOT boring. After that impressive push up (elbow up?) she was probably ready for a nap. Mr Giraffe is looking front row and centre – did Hannah manage to swap out the pink fish teether and get her own back? Not that I’m suggesting either of your two perfect daughters would engage in payback…
    Hope the medicos come up with an answer for the upset tummy – Ellie, you just keep on working on the breathing progress, little champ xo


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