Day 215

Today was a Daddy day with Ellie. It was also a Monday during school term which mean over 3 hours of traffic/travel to get there and back!

Ellie continues to do well with her breathing, in fact she went down another level on her current machine today. This will be monitored closely over the next day or so to make sure she doesn’t get too tired with it.

The poor thing still has a very upset tummy and is throwing up two or three times a day. She does vomit like a trooper though and once it is all out she is not really bothered by it. There were lots of little changes today including.

  • The hernia operation is making it back into discussion. They want to wait until she is fully weened of her steroids, but amazingly they are still not interested in the ‘imminent’ trachy that was meant to happen at the same time!
  • After a break on the weekend some of the extra nutrition is being added to her feeds to keep fattening her up. (If she was a turkey she should be very worried with Christmas just around the corner)
  • Yet another medication is being administered to help her upset tummy (Movacol?…not sure of spelling)

Other than that she is still doing really well. It is super hero day on Wednesday this week but as far as we are concerned she doesn’t need to pretend to be Superwoman or Batgirl…Super Ellie is just as impressive to us.



Hugs with Daddy after being brave for today’s blood test.


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