Day 216

No changes today, basically everything is the same as yesterday.

Ellie did get about 20 minutes of low flow time to give her head a break and check for any irritated spots (there weren’t any), there was just a super cute baby under all that head gear.

It keeps surprising me that some kids only spend a couple of days in ICU or a week. In my head people spend months in ICUs. In saying that I am so thankful to have a stable kid in the ICU and one that will only get healthier the bigger she gets.

Sorry got distracted, Hannah is a bit grumpy after immunisations yesterday and we aren’t home tonight.

Weight update – Hannah is hovering around the 6.5-7kg mark and Ellie is about 4.2kgs.

Blood donations update: 130 donations so far…… 5 months til the girls 1st birthday. 14 donations a month and it will be 200 by the 16th March!! #thisoneisforellie #thisonesforellie #welovehannahtoo #hannahroseelliegrace



Hannah yesterday after needles


Twin time


More twin time


Cutie x (clear tape is to prevent skin breakdown)


Just because they are cute and perfect x


One thought on “Day 216

  1. Considering the start they had in life, the weights of both girls are remarkable! I recognise the suit Ellie is wearing as one of the ones I gave you way back, hoping like crazy that she would one day grow into it – wonderful to see her in it!
    My fave photo is the amazingly cute disco feet x

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