Day 217

Still investigating the vomiting and trying to ease the constipation. Looking like they could be related – Ellie is on a new regular medication that will hopefully ease this problem and I am hoping also ease her vomiting.

It was party day at the hospital today the CICU had the theme super heroes, the whole ward was amazingly decorated and the hospital had some really great things in place for bigger kids. The girls (Hannah was asleep), the CICU really was visited by about 15 cops who were all handing out toys to all the kids. Hannah and Ellie got a teddy bear each.

Ellie got to have a bath while on low flow today. The consultant this week has said Ellie is allowed to have low flow time every day for short periods of time and eventually a few short periods each day. This is good to see where her breathing is at and to allow her nurses to check for rubbing and skin breakdown on her head as well as giving her face a break from the pressure the mask and straps place on her face.


Just a couple of photos today (their supergirl suits are both 000)



4 thoughts on “Day 217

  1. They are gorgeous Deb and Matt. Hannah’s suit looks about to bust haha. And look, when you put Ellie in the foreground of a close up, she looks like the bigger baby. Super cute!


  2. Love the baby bottle slung holster-like into the belt. Wonderwoman, Superwoman and all the rest combined no match for the Dynamic Duo Humphreys twins!
    Good to hear that they are testing Ellie’s boundaries with her breathing – hopefully, she will keep “rising to the challenge” – today may not be as exciting as Superhero Day, but hope it’s a good one x

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