Day 218 – CICU day 17

Still trying to adjust to the ways of the CICU. This morning I actually messaged Matt that I wish I could talk to some of the NICU doctors and a few hours later who walked into the CICU….. 2 NICU doctors, I was so nice to see them and the familiarity make me and Hannah quickly relax (Ellie was asleep). A little later one of Ellie’s nurse friends visited – Ellie was very happy to see her and chatted away more than I have heard her chat since her move! It was lovely to see.

Medically same old with Ellie. Her Resmed/CPAP Β level went down again today, it is now on a pressure of 6. She was also allowed to go onto low flow for 20 minutes again today.


Lots of hand holding today, it was super duper cute.


4 thoughts on “Day 218 – CICU day 17

  1. Glad your wishing powers produced some old and familiar people for you to talk to – describing Ellie chatting happily to one of her former nurses is so touching. All of you formed such strong bonds with the NICU people, huh? It will be wonderful to return for a social visit to show off your thriving twins in the future…
    Cute is an understatement about the photos of H and E holding hands – blow up the close-up photo of just their hands, build a pool room and take that photo straight to it! x

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