Day 220

Nate was being sick for about 6 hours last night. Hannah and I got out of the house pretty quickly.

Ellie didn’t have a good night either. Her breathing support is back up to where is was 2 weeks ago. She has also had high temperatures and is on antibiotics. They suspect an UTI or chest infection.

I arrived about 2pm (wanted to make sure we weren’t going to get sick) and Ellie has slept beautifully since I arrived.




4 thoughts on “Day 220

  1. Not good at all – wishing Nate a speedy recovery, also hoping his bug travels no further in the household.
    Ellie, be well (that sounded a little like Johnny, be good).
    Hey Hannah, what’s with the cheesy grin? Just wanted to remind us all how cute you are? Well, it worked xo


      • You obviously are aware of the famous hot chippy test after stomach illness – you’d think the medical fraternity would have cottoned on to that one by now! Glad everyone else is OK. Poor Ellie – am aware that simple cold viruses are not such a simple thing for her – hope she bounces back quickly x


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