Day 221

Sorry totally forgot. I was VERY busy doing this……

Nate and Hannah are fine just sneezing. Levi, Matt and I are fine just tired. Ellie has a cold 😔

She is acting like a normal baby with a cold pretty tired and pretty miserable when the panadol wears off. I just rang she is getting hugs with her nurse. Unfortunately her cannula just tissued (can’t be used anymore), so she will have to get a new one. Due to her shady infectious past she will have to remain on antibiotics for 5 days.

Hannah is drouling a lot again so there are some teeth moving around also, it’s harder to tell with Ellie but her gums have all the same bumps and lumps as Hannah’s…….


Hospital days.

One thought on “Day 221

  1. Hope everyone feel better real soon. Teething is such a miserable process for any baby, definitely not something E needs on top of everything else she is coping with! Just waved my figurative magic wand your way… xo


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