Day 222

Ellie was a very clever girl and was looking much much better today for her Daddy visit. She was alert and happy to chat and also had a nice big sleep on my lap. She has recovered from her cold remarkably well and is already back down a pressure level for her breathing support. This is very impressive for a sick bub who the doctors thought would need intubating on Saturday (when she first got sick).

She still has such a long way to go but today she showed us how far she has come since she was born a fragile 695 grams.

Nothing too big to report. They continue to give her laxatives for her bowels, blood thinners for her clot, they are constantly playing and experimenting to find the best volume for her feeds, and the discussion for hernia surgery continues to be put off for now.

It was a very busy day in the ICU so Ellie chose a good day to not need too much extra attention.


Hey Dad, haven’t seen you for a whole week!

One thought on “Day 222

  1. Glad Ellie is bouncing back quickly. You talk about how far she has come – are there any words in the English language to adequately describe just how far??
    Love the grip she has on your finger, Matt. It’s been hard all along from afar to get perspective on how tiny Ellie was, but all of a sudden her little hand doesn’t look quite so dwarfed by yours x


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