Day 223

Well it was a pooey sort of morning this morning. Both girls were overly compliant when i remembered I was meant to get a stool sample to the NICU research team. The girls had their growth and development clinic, which the doctor and physio came to the CICU for. Hannah was great, I’m told most ex 26 weekers are in about the 25% percentile for development, Hannah was in about the 50th – except for her tummy time moves she was a little higher. They were very excited about added her to their statistics!

Ellie at the best of times doesn’t really enjoy waking up ( Hannah wakes up smiling) Ellie closes hers eyes and pretends to keep sleeping if you try to get her attention. So when they woke her up to assess her – let’s just say there is a lot of her Aunty Lou in her! They decided to just let it go and check her out properly at their 8 month corrected check.

Ellie was tired today. She had bloods taken, was woken for her assessment and then they had two attempts at inserting a new cannula (the old one tissued already), unfortunately both failed. They are hopefully attempting again now (or I assume 10 minutes ago when Hannah was crying out).

Ellie is now 4.38kgs, that was after 3 poos before the bath and one in it….. She is looking better than when I saw her on Sunday – she is still just tired. She had a beautiful nurse all to herself today (well herself and Hannah) and was very well doted on.



4 thoughts on “Day 223

  1. Aah, a new adjective to describe mornings – there’s sunny, bright, new day dawning, cloudy etc etc …and then there’s “pooey”. Anyway, I thought your perfect daughters only passed rose petals?
    A big congratulations to Hannah – no wonder they were excited about adding her to their stats – 50th vs 25th percentile makes for a very impressive statistical aberration – not that I’m suggesting Hannah is any kind of aberration -witness that SUPER CUTE photo of her beaming out from under her wrap!
    Ellie looks like a teeny gym junkie working out with the teething rings – her version of arm curls? As for the duo photo, did Ellie just tell Hannah a shocking family secret? “Are you serious??”

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  2. Totally feeling Ellie’s pain at being woken up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜¬ Charlie and Olivia are already well aware of how I grizzle if woken up too early, poor kids 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱


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