Day 225

Wow two days worth of updates, lets see. Well the girls are both still super cute. Ellie did a 15min physio session with no breathing support yesterday morning – needless to say she slept the rest of the day. Her pressure went down to 6 today (it was up to 8 over the weekend with her cold), she has also been in air 21% for two days now (it was 30-35% on the weekend). She has been sleeping a lot, but it I had her memory foam mattress I probably would be sleeping a lot too. She seems to be improving everyday – cold wise. Just a lot of saliva left and that could be due to teething or the last remnants of cold. Yesterday she tissued another cannula so her last two doses of antibiotics were a different oral one. 3 cannulas was enough.

Hannah showed signs of a cold starting today so the girls were kept apart. Tonight she is very grumpy and snotty so I would say it was a good call. Here’s hoping Ellie doesn’t catch it again.

Ellie rewarded me with a beautiful smile session this morning – I didn’t manage to capture the best of it but got one pretty good photo.

Any suggestions for retrieving photos off an iphone – the touch screen and power button don’t work (I can see the screen but doesn’t respond to my touch). Itunes wants me to verify it (because I updated the software on my phone).


9 thoughts on “Day 225

  1. Photoshop out the breathing gear and we’re looking at the (most identical) Beautiful Beaming Bobbsie Twins – definitely the best smiley photo of Miss Ellie so far!
    15 mins of physio with no breathing support – yaaaay, well done, clever chook.
    So the girls are playing pass the parcel with the cold – an interesting end to this round would be for them both to produce their first tooth – no doubt a bit soon, but with those two, anything’s possible, huh? Hope Hannah (and all of you) get a good sleep, despite the snotties x

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