Day 226

Today was a daddy day and Ellie was in fine form. She had been upset and grizzly the previous night but shortly after I visited she pooed and vomited and felt a lot better.

We had a great amount of up time and chats, and then she had a great big nap on my lap. I then popped out to have something to eat and came back to find Ellie without any breathing support on! The nurses will do this for short periods of time to give her head a rest from the mask. Well, Ellie decided this was a great thing and lasted just over an hour without any breathing support! (this was rather amazing for a girl who was close to being intubated on Saturday when she fell ill).

She impressed the doctors so much that they are currently trialing her on high flow! If she gets tired they will go straight back to her normal support but it is safe to say she has surprised everyone with how well she is going today.

So to celebrate, for the first time ever we are sharing some videos of Ellie with you. Hoping it gives you a good sense of how amazing our little princess warrior is.


p.s. one of the Videos catches Ellie smiling, which is quite a rare thing! Enjoy.

No that isn’t Hannah, it is Ellie having an impromptu photo shoot while enjoying mask free time.


6 thoughts on “Day 226

  1. Go Ellie! She’s so amazing!
    Love the videos, it’s amazing that hearing the sounds of the ICU can trigger memories for me just from a few seconds… it’s been a while.
    Keep on surprising us all Ellie, you’ve got this girl xo


  2. Really enjoyed the moving pictures, thanks Matt. Ellie, you are truly a champion. So many people who haven’t even met you just love you to bits (count me at the top of that list)!! x

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