Day 227


It really is amazing what Ellie is doing atm. Her ‘small break’ from her breathing support yesterday has now lasted over 24 hours. She is still currently on high flow, and while she is being monitored closely shows no sign of needing to go back to the resmed mask.

We are very aware of how quickly things can change but her turn around is incredible. A doctor today warned me that if she keeps this up for too long she is in danger of moving from intensive care to a standard ward (that is rather scary for us after 7 months of ICU).

The next week will be very telling. Ellie will have to prove she can handle high flow long term, still put on weight as well as get through her immunisations on Monday.

It has been a little difficult celebrating Ellie’s unexpected burst of improvement as two bubs right next to her are having big struggles at the moment. We can only pray that they have as much support and grace as we were given when Ellie was in a similar circumstance.


4 thoughts on “Day 227

  1. She looks so pleased with herself in the photo and so she should! Crossing all fingers and toes that this is the turning point with her breathing that everyone has been hoping and praying so hard for. There must have been so many moments when the parents of the girls’ roommates felt the same way you did today – when their bubbas were doing well while H and E struggled. Just keep on paying forward all your blessings – compassion is a truly wonderful thing x


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