Day 228

Ellie had a little bit of a rough morning until her daily vomit and poo. Which she conveniently did right when I had to leave for doctors rounds. Don’t worry she got me back during her bath….

Yesterday Elle learnt a new trick. She would dig her heels into her mattress and then push and wiggle her head so that she can get to the top of her cot. Unfortunately she didn’t show me this today, however she did roll from her tummy to her back a few times for me!!! It was so exciting. The nurse two beds away looked up to see what was happening I carried on so much. This is a great step for Ellie’s development. I’m just hoping now she can stay on high flow and keep showing off. She was so much happier today than when I last saw her on Friday on resmed.

Ellie has also been sleeping better which means Mummy has more awake time. Today we did physio (tummy time neck strengthening exercises, sitting up holding her own head), wenread a story, had some hugs and a bath. It was really nice.

Busy day ahead tomorrow. It will be a quick 3 hour visit with Hannah and Levi. We should be meeting our volunteer Granny tomorrow – hopefully she will stay with us for our whole Children’s hospital journey.



Looking forward to getting my purple and blue hearing aides on Friday, just like my lion.


Mummy, What is on my head???

All wrapped up after my bath!


One thought on “Day 228

  1. Yep, rolling from tummy to back several times is a very impressive party trick. She has been trying so hard since Day 1 and it’s wonderful to see her overcoming so many hurdles, winning so many battles and enjoying simple “baby stuff” like rolling over in her bed and making a mess in her ever-so-relaxing bath. Keep it up, Ellie!
    Good luck with the immunisation – hope it’s seamless for her (and you) xo


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