Day 230

Sorry again….. hit save instead of post last night.

Sorry about yesterday, I fell asleep before I got a chance to write. Yesterday Levi met our volunteer granny who will hopefully stay with us for our whole Children’s hospital journey. Her and Levi got on extremely well. It was a very busy 3 hours, with three kids in nappies I was given the opportunity to change 5 very smelly nappies. However it was a big day with almost 2 1/2 hrs of travel and a 3 hour visit. 4 left and then we can give Mondays back to Daddy.

Ellie still hasn’t had her immunisations. She has a bit of a snotty nose (as do all 4 of my kids….) and she required a little bit of oxygen, they are planning on immunisations again tomorrow but they will see how she is going. We had a nice day today, Ellie was a little tired but after her morning vomit and poo we did get some playtime and hugs in. Granma and Aunty Rach popped in for a couple of hours and read Ellie a story and had some cuddles with Hannah.



2 thoughts on “Day 230

  1. Lovely photos, Deb. Hope all the snotty noses dry up very soon and that the girls figure out how to pass rose petals to make those nappy changes ever so pleasant…
    Take care x


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