Day 231

It has been another big day for Deb and the girls so I will do my best to update you from Waterfall.

First and foremost, Ellie is still on high flow! This is impressive in itself but even more so considering she has a cold. Her sniffles have also postponed the immunisations for this week.

Ellie is so much more interactive and agile on high flow, it is amazing how much the mask inhibits her development. Another benefit of high flow is Ellie is allowed to start having her dummy dunked in milk to give her a taste for food. Still a long way from feeds but it must be nice for her to have something on her taste buds.

Hannah had a great time at her physio appointment today. She could already do most of what they had to show her and was very happy to play and help train the juniors at the clinic.


Ellie loves her dummies.


2 thoughts on “Day 231

  1. Reminds me of Laura – she got so good with her multiple dummies that in the end she could suck three at once!! Something for Ellie to aim for 😉.
    Praying for you Ellie – keep up your great breathing efforts. It’s so lovely seeing you happy face in photos. xxx


  2. Hope the mask phase is about to become a distant memory – Jen’s right about how nice it is to see her beautiful little face in photos and I can’t imagine how liberating it feels for Ellie.
    Not sure about Ellie trying to compete with cousin Laura – 3 dummies at once? Was Laura able to suck dummies through each nostril with one in her mouth? Ellie, just because she’s your big cousin, it doesn’t mean you should follow her example! xo

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