Day 232

Nothing very exciting to report today. Ellie is still vomiting a bit before her first bowel movement of the day, the gastro team are looking into this and hopefully we will get some recommendations to resolve it tomorrow. Ellie didn’t sleep very well last night so she was pretty tired today. Hannah was a bit cranky after 4 days in hospital so the two of us headed home around 1 and beat the afternoon traffic.

Tomorrow the Australian Hearing lady will come back with Ellie’s custom made hearing aides, I am very excited about this. It will take some time for her to get use to them so she will only wear them for short periods (5-10 minutes to begin with).

Ellie will get her immunisations on Sunday and if all goes well with them she will probably be transferred to a ward and another new home next week sometime. This will be another big adjustment for all of us and after nearly 8 months in ICUs we are a little apprehensive but it is good that Ellie is well enough to move. This will be another long term home for Ellie, a place where she can continue to grow and develop. There are many things that still need to be sorted before Ellie will be able to come home: her feeding, her hernia’s, her constipation (all kind of related), obviously her breathing and her ability to gain consistent weight and grow. There are a few drugs that are currently helping her with these things that ideally would be weened also.

Get ready for some adorable hearing aide photos tomorrow.


PS sorry for the delayed posts this week, perfect Hannah had a couple of “bad” nights (her bad nights are equivalent to Levi’s good ones at this age) and it has thrown me and I’m not quite on the ball as usually – which is saying something because I’m generally gripping onto the ball with my finger tips anyway.


3 thoughts on “Day 232

  1. It’s going to be interesting watching Ellie’s response to a louder world – hope you can capture the moment with a photo.
    Hannah, nights are for sleeping, days are for being awake, OK?
    It actually takes a fair degree of skill/talent/co-ordination/determination to grip a ball with your fingertips. If we have all been remiss in saying how much we appreciate all the news updates you give us, then thank you – we’ll take them happily with typos,posted late – however they come! xo
    PS Hope you have a good sleep tonight

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