Day 233

Don’t get cranky but I may have forgotten to take a photo…. I did take a video but I’m not quite savvy enough to imbed it, sorry.

So Ellie did get her hearing aides today – but her colourful ones hadn’t arrived yet so we have another two weeks before she gets those. Just boring skin colour at the moment. They are currently set at a very conservative level so there wasn’t a big react from her when they were put in (she also currently has a runny nose so as that clears she will be able to hear better). The biggest change in her was her babbling. She was in a very good mood today but I haven’t heard her quite so chatty before – this is obviously a good sign and a great outcome to start. Her will be reviewed in two weeks time by Australian Hearing and then about very three weeks because she will need new ear moulds all the time as she grows. She didn’t even seem to notice we had put something in her ears – which is also great!

It was very hard to leave Ellie this afternoon so was so happy! I hear her little short laugh for the first time – it is exactly ly like Hannah’s, as were her beau iful smiles. It was just a Mum and Ellie day and we had a great time (except for the blood test).

Immunisations are still set for Sunday and then a transfer to the ward on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I will remind Matt to take photos tomorrow.



6 thoughts on “Day 233

  1. Sounds like a great day Debs. Lovely to hear the hearing aids went well and Ellie had a good day. I look forward to reading all about her big move to the ward, you must be so proud of miss Ellie.


  2. I can’t imagine waiting 233 days to hear my baby’s laugh for the first time – a long awaited reward for a very deserving Mum. I’ll bet it was extremely hard to leave her today – hang on to the image of leaving to head home with Miss Ellie in tow – it will be all the sweeter for taking so long to happen xo


  3. What a lovely update to wake up to today! The laughing and babbling must make it all worth it. Bet you can’t wait to hear Ellie and Hannah laughing and chatting together at home xo


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