Day 234

Daddy day today. Even though Ellie doesn’t have her coloured hearing aids yet she is still super cute with the plain ones on! When I finally worked out how to get them in properly (even the nurse had tried before I got there and had given up) she seemed quite happy to have them in.

I noticed immediately that she was much more interested in looking around (to see what was making all the new noises) and much less interested in looking at her daddy! Ha ha, I am sure the novelty of hospital sounds will wear off soon and I will get some attention again. I don’t think the video captures it but she was gooing and gahing quite a bit today which was really nice.

Ellie is continuing to amazingly work towards her eviction. She is looking great and surprising everyone with her sudden competency in head control, breathing and general interaction. Her last hurdle is the immunisations. No, she isn’t having several of these, they just keep getting put off. They are most probably going to happen tomorrow and then she will most likely be kicked out of intensive care for her next Daddy visit (Friday).

It is nice that our biggest worry at the moment is being caused by Ellie doing really well. The general ward is quite daunting for us, knowing that Ellie will not be closely watched. Today, for example, she pulled out her breathing prongs every 5 minutes and she won’t have a nurse to pop them in constantly in the general ward. Deb and I might have to learn to juggle a few more balls and find a way to be with her constantly, at least for the settling in period.

Ellie hearing aids.jpg

Dad, why are you taking a photo of my ear?…that’s just weird!



2 thoughts on “Day 234

  1. Well done Ellie, – Matt and Deb, I can understand your angst, Ellie just keeps on being amazing, so hopefully she will be ok in the normal ward xoxo


  2. Glad to hear her response to the hearing aids is so positive – all those things she hadn’t been hearing clearly must be so interesting – sure you’re happy to play second string in the attention stakes.
    The two of you have been such brilliant advocates for both girls that I’m sure you’ll express your concerns about the ward move to the medicos – play “squeaky wheel” (the wheel that won’t shutup until it’s placated with attention/a drop of oil) if you have to! Hopefully the transition will happen as smoothly as the move from NICU to CICU. Amongst Ellie’s many sterling qualities is adaptability – she could teach all of us a few lessons in making the best of any situation – she’ll soon figure out the general ward – next stop: HOME! xo


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