Day 235

It finally happened……. at 1245 today, Ellie got her 6 month immunisations! (yes she is nearly 8 months old – but at least they have finally happened). As you can all imagine she was VERY brave – there was only a little bit of crying and I actually think the nurse felt worse (I expect Ellie got hugged when I left at 4pm until her shift finished at 7pm). Immunisations are essential (especially if you want to hang around with my kids) but unfortunately they do hurt and a baby like Ellie needs to be watched closely for about 48 hours afterwards. The only downside is because Ellie has been on steroids for such a long time there is a chance they won’t work she she will have to have them again when she is older.

She was given panadol about 20 minutes before and will be on routine panadol 6 hourly for the next 24 hours (she got temperatures last time and this effects her breathing and heart rate quite dramatically. Plus her beautiful nurse is a big softy and told Ellie she could have anything she wanted today for being so brave and getting her needles!

She has pretty much slept since she got them, which thankfully is a super normal reaction from a baby so far. Hannah got about 6 hours of straight hugs after hers so it was very hard leaving Ellie today. I knew she was still going to get hugs but it would have been really nice to be sitting at home on a comfy chair enjoying hugging my baby. Hopefully for her 12 month shots.

Other than immunisations Ellie was great. She is loving her hearing aides (when they are put in correctly, people don’t like pulling her cute little ears – lucky Mum doesn’t mind). She had a bath today and some dummy dips before her needles and big sleep.

I’m taking a tribe in tomorrow – fair warning I may fall asleep again….


One thing I forgot to mention. I left the girls in the cot together for a second, next thing I know Ellie is crying. Hannah had thrown Ellie’s dummy onto the floor and had partially ripped the tape off Ellie’s face and still had a good grip on her high flow and feeding tube!! Needless to say she was put on the other side of Ellie and watched very closely!



One thought on “Day 235

  1. Sounds to me like Hannah was trying to liberate Ellie of all that uncomfortable looking stuff that makes them different – tape, high flow, feeding tube. Sweet, helpful big sister. As for ditching the dummy – FINALLY Hannah has had her revenge over that pink fish – clever Hannah, your patience finally paid off and you picked your moment.
    Hope Ellie gets over the immunisation quickly (and her sister picking on her) x

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