Day 236

Ellie had an extremely unsettled night (as did Mummy thinking about her). Her longest sleep was about 1 1/2hrs at 8pm, otherwise she just had 20 minute naps. She had temperatures over 39 and a heart rate of around 220 (180 is about her highest normally). Panadol controlled her symptoms reasonably well. The best news is while her breathing became quite rapid – she maintained her oxygen requirement (25%) and her pressure (currently 6 litres).

Her temperatures had settled by 10am, but she still wasn’t very happy. She had panadol just before Hannah, Levi and I left and was very settled for a bath and hugs with Granma this afternoon.

I took a tour of Ellie’s new ward, C1 South today. The plan at the moment if she will move on Friday.



7 thoughts on “Day 236

  1. Hope the response to the immunisation is short lived – brilliant that she maintained the same level of breathing support – such a little trooper.
    I didn’t realise either that she had been in the CICU for 5 weeks already – I’d say time flies when you’re having fun, but you would probably hit me (and rightly so!)
    Another move on the path to home – onward and upward, Miss E xo


  2. Well done Ellie!
    C1 South was Ella’s ward after CICU too!
    They are so amazing there & it is so family friendly with the kids programs for when the boys need to come with you! Good luck with your move!
    More prayers for you all coming your way! XxX

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