Day 237

Well what a turn around from my post last night. Ellie had a great night sleep! She was a bit more vomity than usual today but otherwise very settled – she had a nice big 3 1/2 sleep and still went down like a dream tonight.

Are you wondering how I know how Ellie went down……. Well I put her to bed in a cot right next to her sister!! We moved to the ward at 5pm today, Hannah is a boarder on the ward and I get to sleep on the fold out lounge with my girls, for the first time! Here’s hoping they sleep well….. So far they have been amazing.

Hannah might not be allowed to stay every night but Matt or I can stay whenever we want. I’m really excited to see what tomorrow brings – next step will be home (in 3-4 months)!!


After this mornings bath


Getting ready to move (Ellie was well rested)


Settling down together before bed


Nigh nigh time



9 thoughts on “Day 237

  1. Reading your updates is starting to feel like watching a movie on fast forward! Lovely to think of you sleeping the night with both your girls – next step is all 6 of you under the one roof.
    Hope it’s a comfy fold out lounge – sleep tight, Humphreys women xo


      • It’s morning now – hope you’re not too bleary eyed and that you mastered the art of getting quality sleep in one hour bursts. Ellie must have been delighted to have her Mama there all night long.


  2. Hope u had a decent night sleep, those hospitals are noisy places! How exciting to be on the last leg of the ultra marathon and hopefully in your last location before Waterfall! Just beautiful x

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  3. This is the most amazing news Deb. So happy for you. Hope you had a restful night. I can only imagine how you all must be feeling/ Take care and enjoy every special moment with these lovely girls and your beautiful boys. You are amazing parents and an inspiration to us all. Looking forward to more updates and photos.


  4. Deb and Matt, I’m so glad to hear that Ellie is finally on the ward!! How wonderful for these two beautiful sisters to be sleeping together in the same room again, and for you guys to be able to sleep near them. 237 days. I can’t even begin to express all the love, amazement and gratitude I feel towards you guys xxxx


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