Day 238

Surprisingly twins in hospital keep you quite busy. It’s been an eventful 24hrs. Ellie was still overcoming her immunisations and scared the nurses a little with her elevated heart rate and breathing rate.

By this afternoon she had settled down, so decided to stir the pot by pulling her NJ feeding tube out. We are currently awaiting an X-ray to examine the second attempt. The first kinked once it was in place.

Here’s hoping for a quieter night and quiet day tomorrow.

Just in case you are wondering I love it here! The environment is lovely and all the staff are totally on the ball and great. It’s a lovely new temporary home for Ellie.

Currentlyhugging Ellie and doing this on my phone, Matt will do a photo post tomorrow. There’s a couple for you Aunty Gail x



4 thoughts on “Day 238

  1. Not at all “surprising” that having twins in hospital keeps you busy, oh Queen of Understatement. Ellie continues to assert her feisty spirit with pulling out the feeding tube – I’m torn between saying “oh dear” and “go Ellie”- her determined nature has gotten her so far (while often causing major inconvenience to those looking after her). Glad you’re feeling happy with the surroundings – equally glad you referred to it as a “temporary” home – that sounds like we ARE going home, a sentiment that’s music to my ears! x


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