Day 240

Sorry super distracted tonight.

It’s been a pretty good day. Ellie did some great physio this morning (she is normally asleep when they come so that helped). In fact she did so well they are going to update her plan, her development is coming along in leaps and bounds at the moment.

Unfortunately sitting on the floor during physio we think stuffed up the humidifier attached to her breathing support which resulted in floods of water getting pushed up her nose twice – the second time she did a big vomit. Not entirely unexpected considering it was 38 degree water. While this wasn’t ideal it is actually a great demonstration that she can handle liquid and that her body responded so that it didn’t go into her lungs (she has been checked a few times).

Ellie is back to her old settled self, the 14 + hour sleep she had last night did wonders for her. Hannah is still a dream baby sleeping beautifully at night even with the noise – I think  need to remind her she is allowed to sleep for longer than 40 minutes at a time during the day though.

I’ll be here til Sunday while Ellie continues to settle in. It is so great to finally feel like the Mum of twins and to be able to send so my time with Ellie.



Smiles with Mum while changing high flow prongs


“Nap” time


Pooped after physio


3 thoughts on “Day 240

  1. Yaaaay from your cheer squad! Definitely sounding very “onward and upward”.
    BTW, if the trade off for Hannah sleeping through the night is 40minute sleeps by day, I’d take it! Hope you’re getting some decent sleep in the noisy hospital environment x


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