Day 241

Well, I’m actually a little tired today. The girls decided it would be a great day to be grumpy together. This evening after 4 poos I remembered her formula was changed yesterday evening so she probably had a sore belly (the fat was removed as were some calories – here’s hoping she still gains weight. Hannah is just a copy cat today, she even insists on facing the same way as Ellie every time they fall asleep.

I forgot to add yesterday Hannah had her first proper solids, she quite enjoyed it. In fact I intended to watch her closely so that I could make sure she wouldn’t choke. I gave it to her had Ellie on the floor did one exercise and 1/3 of it was gone!

Time for Hannah and I to go home tomorrow, I think it will be hard leaving Ellie again but so great to spend some time with the boys.


Hannah’s turn for photo’s, this is today’s eating efforts and Hannah with Sophie (again).

One thought on “Day 241

  1. Hannah looks like she is enjoying the heck out of her first solids – hope it won’t be too long till Ellie gets to do the same. My heart goes out to you with your tribe split up the way it is – hope your reunion with the boys takes some of the sting out of saying bye (temporarily) to Ellie. You’re probably wishing you could wave a magic wand and be in two places at once – well, wherever you are and whoever you’re with – they’re lucky to have you there xo

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