Day 242

No too much to report. Ellie is in air as of this afternoon. 6 litres of high flow and air is probably one of her best efforts.

Hannah and I returned home today with the boys, it was great to be together again. Sad to say bye to Ellie though. Although  after 5 days on the ward she seems to have won some hearts because I’m pretty sure she got more hugs and attention than she would have gotten if I had’ve been there with Hannah.

This is our day in pictures.

The girls decided to both wake up at about 8pm last night, one of them fell straight back to sleep…..

One thought on “Day 242

  1. Hey, this is sooo cool. There’s this kid who looks just like me, except for all this weird stuff she has all over her face. These nice nurse types have her convinced that tube thingy is as good as the bottles of milk and chewy rusk things that I get. I need to tell her what she’s missing out on. She’s gone and flaked on me again, right at night play time. All I have to do is poke her and hug her and she wakes right up again. Come on, kid, let’s play. Mum, I’m thinking maybe we should consider bringing her back to our house -there’s plenty of space in my room for her – can we please, can we, can we??

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