Day 243

Today was a daddy day and it was super nice spending some time with my girl. Ellie is already winning hearts at the ward and has not been there a week yet. She is now using her high flow with no added oxygen which is pretty great.

She is also starting to talk lots and lots and I am already dreading the constant chatter that will be in our house as the girls grow up. Apart from my fear never getting a word in, it is also amazing to hear her whinge and chat and goo and gah. If the medical plan had gone to plan, she would now have had a tracheotomy about a month ago and she would not have been able to make a sound for a couple of years at least. It really feels like divine intervention that Ellie was given an extra week or so to prove herself due to the change of hospitals. (Praise God and thank you for your prayers).

We still get asked a lot when we expect to get Ellie home and we still don’t have an answer. It seems most doctors expect a long stay for her in the general hospital wards but I have learnt now never to put an assumption on our Warrior Princess.


Our Family visit from yesterday


Ellie having a nap preparing for her Daddy visit. She woke up shortly after I arrived.


5 thoughts on “Day 243

  1. Ellie has proven time and time again that she marches to the beat of her very own drum – you’re wise not to assume anything when it comes to her!
    A beautiful photo of a beautiful family


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