Day 245 – 8 months old (5 months corrected)

I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night and the girls decided to tag team with there sleep. needless to say when they finally settled in for the night at 8:30pm I was very thankful.

The sleep team have discovered that Ellie has microsaturations all through the night, quite a lot of them. This means her oxygen saturation drops below 90 for less than a second numerous times a night. This is not good for her brain. Today they have increased her oxygen to 25% to see if this helps. If it does, that’s obviously great and Ellie may be allowed to have some puree smear on her lips – however all the teams have to approve this first. If not she may have to go up in pressure and then that could change her ‘eating’ plans.

We will find out how the night went tomorrow.



One thought on “Day 245 – 8 months old (5 months corrected)

  1. Happy 8 months to the girls – to think they are 2/3 of the way to their 1st birthday!
    Hope you’ve all had a better night – getting twin babies to co-ordinate their night time patterns must be a real challenge. Sleep deficit is such an awful thing – you have no doubt completely forgotten what 8 hours straight sleep even feels like, huh?
    Sounds like the medical teams are really devoting themselves to solutions for Ellie. Puree smear on her lips seems such a teeny reward for a little champion who deserves one gigantic gold medal (then again, puree smear probably will seem like a gold medal to her!) x


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