Day 246

Ellie’s recent sleep studies are showing she is still having problems overnight, even with increased oxygen. Today they have tried increasing the pressure in her high flow (how fast the air pushes into her nose) and if that doesn’t work we might be looking at the full mask again. The pressure is now up to 8 which is the highest it can go.

This seems like a small problem compared to what Ellie has been through in the past but it is difficult to accept for Deb and I. Ellie’s marathon recovery is really starting to take its toll and any extensions on the finish line can be hard to stomach. Another difficulty has been the extra time needed to look after Ellie now she is out of intensive care. Deb is now only home one or two nights a week which is hard for her and for those at home missing her.

Tonight I am reminded and encouraged by a snippet from the book ‘The Prophet’. It speaks of sorrow carving a cup that will later hold joy. I wouldn’t use the word sorrow to describe our situation, but I do feel like we are being carved out through this experience. We trust that God can use this period in our lives to make us stronger and our hearts bigger (if we allow it).




One thought on “Day 246

  1. I have that book. Love page 20 about our children. I believe God gives us challenges, to make us stronger, so we can help others. You and your family have had a most difficult year, and I pray for extra strength to get you through these hard times. I send my love and best wishes for Sunday, and as always special prayers for Ellie and Hannah. Thanks again for your daily updates. xx


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