Day 247

The sleep study team still aren’t happy with Ellie. They have put her oxygen up to 30%. I am very much hoping to avoid CPAP. They will study her again overnight on Sunday.

Other than that there is not a lot happening. Matt is spending his first night ever with Ellie tonight after work and she will get a bit of one-on-one parent time until we all make the trek in on Sunday.

Ellie did get her new colourful hearing aides today, much better than her old man ones 😜

Nemo didn’t survive very long, poo.

Sorry having trouble editing and captioning photos tonight.



2 thoughts on “Day 247

  1. Ellie needs a 70’s disco ball to go with those hearing aids. So subtle, so understated…
    Beautiful photo of mother and child.
    Was just thinking how cute the Nemo suit was, scrolled down, thought “you changed her again?” and then I read the caption. Ellie, Nemo suffered a whole lot of trauma and separation anxiety in his adventures, he didn’t need you to *** all over him, ya big bully!
    We will all be hoping and praying that Ellie’s sleep study on Sunday goes well.
    Deb, enjoy your day at home tomorrow with the rest of your tribe – Matt, g’luck with being an “inpatient” – hope you get some rest (and have some fun) with Miss E x


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